The T-Bar Ranch

Reservations and arrangements must be made two weeks in advance of stay. Lodging and accommodation fees will be collected in full at time of reservation.

An additional $200.00 deposit for accommodations, and/or a $100.00 activity deposit will be collected at time of reservation. The accommodation deposit will be refunded should no damage or excessive use occur, or can be applied to the ending balance due at departure.

All additional Hunting or activity fees will be due at conclusion of stay. We want to customize your experience and make your stay at the T-bar a memorable one. At time of reservations, we will work to customize packages that will suite your needs. Once you arrive, changes to your activity packages may change.

A full Kitchen is available for use by our guests. You may not feel like cooking, therefore meal arrangements and pricing can be made at time of reservation.

For reservations, please contact:

Melvin Crow - Ph. #785-821-2607

T-Bar Ranch - Ph. #785-899-5053